About Us

Pastors Toolbox is a startup utilizing 10+ years of church leadership experience to create a collection of resources designed to help church leaders tackle the unique challenges of ministry. This includes the inescapable issue of how to safely resume congregating in the aftershock of a global pandemic. Pastors Toolbox was built upon the desire to use innovation, technology, and experience to help ministry happen as effectively as possible. Pastors Toolbox believes that technology will play a vital role in the faith community as it moves forward in new normals of ministry. With their ministry experience and technological leaning, Pastors Toolbox is your safe landing place for resources tailored to help pastors navigate the unique challenges of ministry.

Pastors Toolbox was inspired to create the “Save-a-Seat” tool in recognizing a need for their very own place of worship. The “Save-a-Seat” tool is multipurpose as it meets the technical need, eases the concerns of church leaders, and brings comfort over the questions of the church body in how to safely resume congregating. Faith-based organizations everywhere are feeling the effects of social restrictions and the suspension of mass gatherings. According to CDFCaptial.org, in a 2 part survey surveying 269 U.S. based churches on March 15, 2020, and 93 additional U.S. based churches on March 22, 2020; 54% of churches did not congregate on the 15th, with 86% of churches not congregating on the 22nd. This marked just the beginning of social restrictions. Pastors Toolbox is ready to come alongside that 86% and beyond, to help them have a safe way to gather again.